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Friday, April 18, 2014

Success at Last!

The journey down Locke Street began one cold March day in 2012. Cables and twists abounded in this lovely sweater pattern by Glenna C. I was a little apprehensive to start such a project, being an adventurous novice at cables. But, how hard could it be? 
Also, this would be only the fourth sweater I had ever knit. All the rest were stockinette. Some knit bottom up, some top down -  most seamless. Locke St. Cardigan is a set-in sleeve pieced cardigan. What was I thinking!

I ordered and received 13 skeins of a beautiful Plymouth Yarns dk weight 100% alpaca yarn from JimmyBeans Wool in a dark forest green. Oooh, so squishy and soft. I cast on and knitted a good size swatch, being an obedient knitter. Besides, I wanted this sweater to fit. It would be perfect for future St. Patrick Day events. 

With the swatch knit, blocked and measured. I cast on stitches for a sleeve. The designer is thoughtful in that she has you knit a sleeve to learn two of the cables patterns, so that by the time you work the sweater you know them. This is a good thing as they occur 7 times in the body of the sweater.  I started the sleeves two at a time.

I hated working them two at a time and put the sweater in hibernations.

Fast forward to March 2013. I took the sweater out of hibernation. It would be so nice to have a dark green beautiful sweater. I decided to work the sleeves one at a time and quickly finished the first one.   I finished the second sleeve, and cast on the body of the sweater (not in pieces - front right, back and front left - all at the same time - no seams) but it was not much fun. Oh! but now it is getting warm and the alpaca is getting sticky in my hands and each row took 20 minutes! Sending this project back to hibernation.

Fast forward again to March 2014. Do I denote a pattern? 

I decided that this would be my Lenten project. I would get this project of shame completed. When I took the project out there was about 6 inches above the ribbing completed. I can do this! 

Well, it has been a long Lent. . . but . . . SUCCESS!

I present the Locke Street Cardigan.  


Until next time . . .