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FINISHED OBJECTS: *Fair Isle Wristlet *Sara-Grace's Shortie Socks *Collin's Socks *Sunshine Squared Sweater *Gramps

WORKS IN PROGRESS:*Bridgewater Shawl *Eidelon *Blue Shortie Socks *Resonation Shawl

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Summer

We survived Hurricane Irene. We were at the beach when she hit. Lots of wind but not too much rain. Five to six foot waves. Overheard a resident the next morning say that it was a nice summer storm. Those who live in other states weren’t as fortunate. My prayers are with them. 
Since we were on the road most of last weekend, I got a little knitting done.  The Baby Boy Stocking Cap that matches the Baby Boy Surprise Jacket is finished. Now to await the baby boy. He’s due the first week of September.
Also worked on and finished is the Rosebud Trellis Cowl. It turned out very well. It is extremely soft. I’ll try to get the pattern written up soon.
I realized that August is almost over and I have not knitted a pair of socks. So I cast on my go to pattern - Wendy Johnson’s Sport Weight Gusset Heel Basic Socks on size US 2 with Lorna’s Laces Honor in the colorway, He Who Must Not Be Named. The sock is patterning delightfully.  I need to get cracking! I won’t be finished the August socks this month. :~(
I did, however, cast on and am a third finished the LaLa’s Simple Shawl in Katia’s Samba colorway 8660. A cotton yarn that is mostly green with splashes of red, pink, purple, teal, mint,  and blue.  Hope it doesn’t end up looking like clown barf.
We are pretty busy as summer winds downs and fall is soon to be upon us. (Yes, I know that summer goes until the third week of September) It is still rather warm here, so sweaters, jackets, shawls, gloves and hats are still a few weeks away. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Rain Storms

We have good news. Our daughter, her husband and their children are back in the states!  They have been living in an Arab country for several years, but are home now. Then, just after landing in DC, what happens guessed it.... the earthquake hit! This slowed processing them through customs, but eventually they were in the car headed to the grandparents house. Wouldn’t you know it. Traffic was snarled  with evacuations of buildings and emergency vehicles everywhere.  A short trip with very tired passengers took way too long!
Finally, they arrived and got some well needed sleep.  The next few day have been spent getting new SIM cards so that their cell phones work, finding a school for the boys, job hunting and just decompressing from the move.  I am ever so glad that they made it home safely. ;~)
Now it looks like Hurricane Irene will miss us and visit them!  Don’t you just love it?
Last weekend, Hubby and I had a great day in the mountains. It was wonderful just to get away from everything and spend time together.
We walked through the mountain town, peeking in most of the shops, made a few purchases, 
New hiking shoes - Keens of course
ate a great lunch at a local steakhouse and then left to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  
They don't call them Smoky for nothing!

There we hiked to Laurel Falls. Well, we almost hiked to Laurel Falls. Well, we hiked half way from the parking lot to marker 8 of 13 and turned back because even with ponchos on we were soaked to the skin as a downpour started as we began the hike. Laughing we raced back to the car, shook out the ponchos (it was not raining in the parking lot!) and hopped in the car, turned up the radio and moved on down the mountain.  It was misty so some of the long range views were obscured. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. You would think that we would have known to get out of the shower? of rain sooner. ;~p

Try as I might, in the car, I was not able to finish the Baby Boy Surprise Jacket that I was knitting.  It took a few additional hours, but is now finished.  As soon as we get the news that our new great-nephew is born, it will be dropped in the mail to him.

I am still working on the Rosebud Trellis Cowl. The second skein is almost finished -- one more to go!  Then, I will write up the pattern for sale on Ravelry. The City Blocks socks have received no love lately. I haven’t found much uninterrupted time to spend on them. I am knitting the gusset and heel which are easier to work with interruptions. There will be none tonight either as I have an investment club meeting.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweater Weather?!

The weather is a little cooler this week - only in the low 90s. That must mean it is time for sweater and cowl knitting!
Started a new design using my Rosebud Trellis lace pattern. A simple lace cowl using a beautifully sage green yarn by Sublime called Bamboo & Pearls dk.  Wonderfully soft yarn and great to knit with even if it is a little splitty.  The first skein yielded a 6 inch cowl. I will decide when I finish the second skein if I will make the cowl longer than 12 inches. Haven’t decided yet if I want just a neckwarmer or a neckwarmer that can be pulled over my head for extra warmth.  
Rosebud Trellis Cowl
I have also started an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket out of “I Love That Cotton” in the Washed Denim colorway.  The yarn is a dream to knit with.  The sweater is for a soon-to-arrive great nephew.  He is due the first week of September. I am trying to get the sweater/jacket finished before he arrives!
Start of Baby Boy Surprise Sweater/Jacket
My “City Blocks” new sock design hasn’t gotten much love since I am to the gusset which I am trying to work a little bit differently than usual. I have to admit the lace and baby sweater are a little more fun right now.
Heard from Kim O’Brien of Indigodragonfly that the August Yarn Club package is in the mail! The pattern looks great.  I am looking forward to opening the package and squishing the lusciousness!  Kim dyes such beautiful colors that I am enjoying being a part of the Nut Free Yarn Club (a Yarn Club for knitters with allergies).
I received my package of Lorna’s Laces Honor in the “He Who Must Not Be Named” colorway.  The yarn is dk weight and yummy!  I think I will knit it up in the “Sepentine Socks” pattern by Wendy D. Johnson.  A super pattern that is fun to knit.
Lorna's Laces "He Who Must Not Be Named" Colorway
My husband and I have been traveling a lot with his state position in a fraternal organization. We have finally had a week with no activities. Well, he went to work and I had a Habitat for Humanity Board Meeting, but those don’t count.  We have decided to take off early and head to the Smoky Mountains for a day of play.  He will drive, so I should have a good bit of knitting time. We hope to get in a short partial day hike on one of our favorite trails. There are also a couple of Blue Grass Festivals going on. We may stop into one of them.  We will play this by ear. (Yeah, pun intended :~p).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stash Down!!

Has been a beautiful day today - nice and temperate. We had a short thundershower this afternoon that watered the plants, filled the bird baths and cooled the air. 
All day, from the time we got home from church until 7:30 pm, I worked to finish the Cornerstone Prayer Shawl knitted on size 11 needles.  It is finally done. All the prayers have been said. It will now be blocked and stored until it is needed.  It took 4 skeins of heavy worsted acrylic in a linen colorway - 680 yards. Why do I mention the number of skeins and the yardage?  Mmmm.
The Knitgirllls have a summer stash dash going on for the fans of their videocast that ends tomorrow. The goal was to knit and/or spin 5468 yards - the equivalent of a 5K race in yards.  In order to make this goal, I had to pull out old unfinished objects, including the prayer shawl.  As of now, I have knitted 5547 yards since May 27th.  YEAH!! Never thought I would make it.
Dramatic Knits also has a stash down going for the fans of his videocast. The goal is to knit as many skeins as you can from your stash from June 1st until September 1st, 2011.  So far, I have knit 33.6 skeins of yarn.  Woohoo!
The nicest part of these stash downs is all the wonderful projects that I get finished. The stressful part of these stash downs is the pressure to finish high yardage projects even when you just want to knit socks or ....hats or ....cowls or ...anything small! ;~)
Now I can get back to my new sock design and a cowl I want to knit. But for tonight, I think I will read a book or watch Leverage on TV and give my poor wrists and hands a rest. Working on large needles is not much fun. Give me my US size 1s or 2s any day. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Visits

The blog will be a short one today.
I took a few pictures of a couple of furry visitors to our yard this morning. The rabbits stayed on the grassy areas of the yard for quite a while, before scurrying into the wooded area.  

Today I finished the Red Summer Sweater. It fits very well!  All ends are woven in. It just needs to be blocked, which I will do tomorrow morning. My husband and I had to make a quick trip to Charleston this afternoon, so I had time to finish it on the ride.
While in Charleston, I made a quick visit to a wonderful yarn shop called Knit. I met one of the owners, Gay, along with another knitter but I didn’t get her name. The other knitter was a great help suggesting color choices of Tolhuaca, a worsted weight pima cotton bottone by Araucania Yarns. I plan to substitute the Tolhuaca for Naturally Vero yarn to make the Fiber Trends - Jacket for All Seasons designed by Joanne Clark.
Time for sleep now that we are home again. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleeves and Secrets

I haven’t gotten any knitting done so far today as I seem to still be battling some kind of bug. Low grade fever and chills and a general feeling of yuk. :~(
I did get some knitting done yesterday. The first sleeve of the Red Summer Cardigan is finished and the second sleeve is a third finished.  I really love the sweater and it fits well.  Neck down design is definitely my favorite knitting construction for sweaters. So easy to make sure it fits before getting too far along in garment.  I can't wait to wear it!

I was hoping to have this finished before August 15th. This would get it finished in time to add it to The Knitgirllls 2011 Summer Stash Dash. I still have four more days. I will probably make it, but will FAIL on the Stash Dash. Even with the sweater, I will be about 1600 yards too short of the 5468 yards goal of a 5K.  Oh well, it has been a fun knitting summer so far!
Also, on the needles is a new sock design using Schoeler & Stahl’s Sockina Cotton. Shhhh! it’s a secret. The working title is City Squares. That may change once they are blocked. Here is a glimpse at the design so far.

Found a new book the other day at the local book store. Just had a chance to look at it today. It is titled “the GLUTEN-FREE ALMOND FLOUR cookbook" by Elana Amsterdam. Many of the recipes look and sound wonderful. 

I ordered the almond flour she suggests and will try to make a couple of the recipes this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes. If we like them, that will work for both my gluten-free diet and my husband’s low carb diet. Woohoo!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthdays, Biscuits, and Bags

Spent today with family as we celebrated my husband's birthday a few days early. Our son and his family and my Mom came over for dinner.  The gluten free biscuits (Bisquick with additional baking powder) and the gluten free cherry crisp were a big hit.
All that is left of 18 Biscuits

Worked a little while on the right sleeve of the Red Summer Cardigan. Only another 3 or 4 inches to go and then I can add the 4 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing.  Then it will be on to the other sleeve.  I should have about 2 skeins of yarn left. Maybe a hat or a scarflette. Who knows?

Wove in the ends of the soap bag that is a sample for a homeless project. Took about 2 hours to finish it. We will probably not knit the bags but make them some other way. Maybe sewn out of wash clothes. We'll see.

That is all for now. Still trying to catch up on some sleep from our trip to Denver.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Events In and Around Denver

Sorry there has been such a long silence. We were in Denver for a National Convention.  Here is a recap of some of the happenings during our trip. Thankfully, we are home safe and sound.
Day 1
We spent a wonderful day going to the Mother Cabrini Shrine, the Red Rock Amphitheater and then headed to the Coors Brewery. That evening we went to Dinner Theater in Golden.
Mother Cabrini Statue at Shrine
Shrine with Candles 
Start of a New Sock Design
Red Rocks
See! Some Knitting was getting done!
Red Rock Amphitheater
Coors Brewery
Dinner Theater

Day 2
We traveled by bus to the Georgetown Loop Railroad and historic Georgetown, CO.  That evening we had dinner with 40 of our dearest friends.
A Little More Knitting
Historic Georgetown, Colorado
Georgetown Loop Railroad

Friends at Dinner
Day 3

I was interviewed for the “Busted Halo Show” being broadcast live from the hotel for Sirius XM Radio.  It was great to meet Father Dave Dwyer, Brett Sedell and Robin Gould.  What a once in a lifetime experience! We were then entertained by “Patsy DeCline” in an entertaining country music show.
Being Interviewed on the Busted Halo Radio Show

"Patsy DeCline"

Day 4
Mass, Meetings, Meals.  
Waving State Flags at Dinner

Day 5

Mass, More Meetings and Meals

Holy Ghost Church

State Delegation at Meeting

Day 6
Mass, End of Convention, and saying goodbye to friends both from our state and around the country. A fun time in Denver!
Day 7
Traveling home on Delta Airlines. Very uneventful.  YEAH!!! Get to sleep in my own bed tonight.