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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Rain Storms

We have good news. Our daughter, her husband and their children are back in the states!  They have been living in an Arab country for several years, but are home now. Then, just after landing in DC, what happens guessed it.... the earthquake hit! This slowed processing them through customs, but eventually they were in the car headed to the grandparents house. Wouldn’t you know it. Traffic was snarled  with evacuations of buildings and emergency vehicles everywhere.  A short trip with very tired passengers took way too long!
Finally, they arrived and got some well needed sleep.  The next few day have been spent getting new SIM cards so that their cell phones work, finding a school for the boys, job hunting and just decompressing from the move.  I am ever so glad that they made it home safely. ;~)
Now it looks like Hurricane Irene will miss us and visit them!  Don’t you just love it?
Last weekend, Hubby and I had a great day in the mountains. It was wonderful just to get away from everything and spend time together.
We walked through the mountain town, peeking in most of the shops, made a few purchases, 
New hiking shoes - Keens of course
ate a great lunch at a local steakhouse and then left to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  
They don't call them Smoky for nothing!

There we hiked to Laurel Falls. Well, we almost hiked to Laurel Falls. Well, we hiked half way from the parking lot to marker 8 of 13 and turned back because even with ponchos on we were soaked to the skin as a downpour started as we began the hike. Laughing we raced back to the car, shook out the ponchos (it was not raining in the parking lot!) and hopped in the car, turned up the radio and moved on down the mountain.  It was misty so some of the long range views were obscured. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. You would think that we would have known to get out of the shower? of rain sooner. ;~p

Try as I might, in the car, I was not able to finish the Baby Boy Surprise Jacket that I was knitting.  It took a few additional hours, but is now finished.  As soon as we get the news that our new great-nephew is born, it will be dropped in the mail to him.

I am still working on the Rosebud Trellis Cowl. The second skein is almost finished -- one more to go!  Then, I will write up the pattern for sale on Ravelry. The City Blocks socks have received no love lately. I haven’t found much uninterrupted time to spend on them. I am knitting the gusset and heel which are easier to work with interruptions. There will be none tonight either as I have an investment club meeting.

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