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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stash Down!!

Has been a beautiful day today - nice and temperate. We had a short thundershower this afternoon that watered the plants, filled the bird baths and cooled the air. 
All day, from the time we got home from church until 7:30 pm, I worked to finish the Cornerstone Prayer Shawl knitted on size 11 needles.  It is finally done. All the prayers have been said. It will now be blocked and stored until it is needed.  It took 4 skeins of heavy worsted acrylic in a linen colorway - 680 yards. Why do I mention the number of skeins and the yardage?  Mmmm.
The Knitgirllls have a summer stash dash going on for the fans of their videocast that ends tomorrow. The goal was to knit and/or spin 5468 yards - the equivalent of a 5K race in yards.  In order to make this goal, I had to pull out old unfinished objects, including the prayer shawl.  As of now, I have knitted 5547 yards since May 27th.  YEAH!! Never thought I would make it.
Dramatic Knits also has a stash down going for the fans of his videocast. The goal is to knit as many skeins as you can from your stash from June 1st until September 1st, 2011.  So far, I have knit 33.6 skeins of yarn.  Woohoo!
The nicest part of these stash downs is all the wonderful projects that I get finished. The stressful part of these stash downs is the pressure to finish high yardage projects even when you just want to knit socks or ....hats or ....cowls or ...anything small! ;~)
Now I can get back to my new sock design and a cowl I want to knit. But for tonight, I think I will read a book or watch Leverage on TV and give my poor wrists and hands a rest. Working on large needles is not much fun. Give me my US size 1s or 2s any day. 

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