Works in Progress

Looking forward to SAFF!

FINISHED OBJECTS: *Geology Socks. *Fall Penrose Tile Shawl *RV Striped Throw 2 *Thomas' Sweater

FROGGED: * Ashton Lace Shawl. *Reversible Cabled Scarf

WORKS IN PROGRESS: *Wingspan *Folded Poncho *Pull Me Over *Summer Tee *Odds and Ends Shawl

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth Of July!

I hope your 4th of July is a joyous one.  Ours will be filled with family, food, fun and fireworks.

Until next time . . . . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lots of Knitting

Some knitting has been done. I am trying to whittle down my WIPS.

A Wingspan scarf is finished using Cascade Tangiers yarn.

A Summer Tee is finished. A project started in 2011. I have entered it into the Knit 1 Heart too podcast yellow contest.

The Pull Me Over sweater yoke is finished and I have begun the vertical ribbing of the body.

In the Our Neck of the Woods 2016 KAL, we are working a mystery knit along.  I have finished clue 4.  I am using Loops And Threads Woolike sock yarn in Chocolate, White and Red.

My Easy Folded Poncho is slogging along. It is now about 2 feet long. Three more to go.

As always, socks are on the needles. Premier Yarns Garden Sport weight in the grass colorway.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the Year

It has been an interesting year.  Since September, Tom and I have been co-parenting our three South Carolina grandchildren -- a thirteen year old grandson and six year old twins - one grandson and one granddaughter.

Since Christmas, we have been in NYC child sitting the three grandsons here.

Our RV trips have been put on hold and the RV has been winterized and put in storage waiting for a warm spring weekend.

I have been knitting down my stash to offset the purchases made at SAFF. My friend, Lisa, and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Black Mountain Yarn Shop and to SAFF.  We really liked the new set up with more space and not having to share with the Tractor Show.  We met up with friends and compared purchases. Of course, we ate at P. F. Chang's for lunch before I headed home. It was just the break I needed.

Three pairs of socks have been completed and a boomerang scarf is almost done.  I plan to start on fall variegated shawl out of fingering alpaca next.

One Step at a Time

Lemonade Socks

Wyrt Socks

Blue Boomerang

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a peaceful and joyous New Year.

Until next time. . . . . .

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Productive Week

Still working on stirring and organizing my stash in the upstairs bedroom. Also, knitting on the Newsom sweater by Bristol Ivy in burgundy alpaca. It is an interesting construction!  Body and sleeve are finished and joined. Working on the yoke now. The sweater is an easy knit.

 Also, started vanilla socks in a light lemonade color of cotton and bamboo yarn. I'll go back to the more complex knitting later. For right now, simple is all I care to do.

We painted our grandsons room, a light Bahamas blue green. He wanted kelly green, but that was swiftly vetoed.  It took half a day to paint the ceilings and walls and another 6 hours to paint the woodwork. It looks nice. We hope he likes it!

Spent a week with our son in Pennsylvania. Helped strip wallpaper off the walls of our grandson's bedroom. This can be tricky in a 180 year old house.  Because the previous owners didn't prep the wall before they papered, there was a great deal of spackling that had to be done before we could paint.  We finished the painting and pulled up the carpet and padding. Lots of staples! As our son was pulling up the tack strips around the edge of the room, he commented that it was criminal to put nails in such beautiful hard wood floors.

I left the next day with the furniture still needing to be moved back in the room.  Drove to Virginia and stay with nephew and his wife at their farm. Left to drive home after chores were done and we had eaten breakfast. Good farm fresh eggs, milk and blueberries! Yumm!

Home again and tired.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Still Keeping with the Theme of 2015 - Simplify, Beautify and Modify

The title reflects the theme for 2015.


Trying to simplify things, I am knitting and  weaving only from my stash.  Projects currently on the needles are another RV Striped Throw, Green Striped Socks and a Gemini with 3/4 sleeves.  All these are easy patterns which require very little thought, just plain knitting.

We have been in a whirl with RV travel and family issues. This makes simple knitting necessary.


Working to organize stash so that the bedroom can be used by family later this summer. Plan to remove all the Boy Scout items and send them to storage.  Then there will be room for stash and still room to use the room as a guest room.  This should also allow me to clean off the dining room table.


Since May 1, I have lost 15 pounds by strictly staying on the Atkins Diet. Thirty-five more to go. I also purchased a kettlebell hoping to strengthen my upper body. I have noticed a little improvement. It was easier to move roofing shingles when we roofed the new Habitat for Humanity home last weekend. You would think that I would have lost lots of weight since it was two five hour days in above 100 degree weather. But no.  Still just slow steady weight loss.  That is better than none.

Until next time . . . . . . .