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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Start - itis

Now that my knitting projects are finished and off the needles, my Ravelry project page looks odd. The glow of finishitis only lasted a short time. I thought that now would be the time to go back to being a monogamous knitter - one project at a time. Take time to enjoy it.

TKGA's Spring Cast On magazine came out. So many wonderful projects to choose from. Really was drawn to the Squares Squared pullover by Arenda Holladay. Hmmmmm ...

I have a sweater's quantity of Cascade Yarns Pima Cotton in the Sunshine colorway. So, I began the sweater. It is knitted in pieces. The back was finished in a few days. The stitch pattern is fun! It's like potato chip knitting - just one more pattern repeat - just one more pattern repeat -just one more pattern repeat ... The back is done.

Then I started on the front. Again, finished in a few days. It didn't take long to seam together and pick up stitches for the square neckline. Ribbed neckline was quick. Now to the top down short row sleeves.  UGH!  After ripping the sleeve cap out six – yes, six! – times, I decided to pull out Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and use it as a guideline to knit the sleeves from the cuff to the cap as a separate piece and seam them into the sweater. I started and things are going a little slower. Not because, the pattern stitch is a problem or the increasing every six rows is a problem, but because my infatuation with this project has waned.

Why is it that every sweater I knit comes to the point where my vision of the finished garment and the reality of the knitting aren't even in the same universe. Maybe, I should start something while I wait for the mojo to return.

Well, ... there are always socks to be knitted. My granddaughter asked for a pair of shortie socks. How long could that take? Should be quick and then I would return to the sweater.  Socks took less than a week, they fit and she loves them. Her twin brother now wants a pair. Since I have a fairly large stash of sock yarn, he picked out a color and I have the first sock knitted to the gusset. Of course, he wants crew sock, but they are still small – only 48 stitches – so they are not taking long. 

Then I get back to the sweater......

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