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FINISHED OBJECTS: *Fair Isle Wristlet *Sara-Grace's Shortie Socks *Collin's Socks *Sunshine Squared Sweater *Gramps

WORKS IN PROGRESS:*Bridgewater Shawl *Eidelon *Blue Shortie Socks *Resonation Shawl

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Molasses Sweater

Just when I think I am making progress on my Locke Street Cardigan by Glenna C in Baby Alpaca DK, I take out the measuring tape and measure. Only 5 inches. Yikes!!

Each row is taking 20 minutes to knit because of all the cabling and the DK yarn knitted on size US 5 needles. I have been using Addi Lace Clicks. They are so slippery that the stitches keep falling off the needles. Also the join is so rough, that the stitches are getting hung up on it. Not the greatest knitting experience. I have made a vow to myself to knit two rows a day, because I really want to finish this sweater. It is so pretty. But . . .

The sweater is creeping. Soooooo..... While visiting our son and his family in Pennsylvania, I dragged Tom to the Knitter’s Edge in Bethlehem. What a knitting nirvana!  So many yarns, so many books, so many needles, great displays, and lovely, friendly, helpful people working at the store. I could have stayed all day.  I bought new bamboo needles for the Locke Street Cardigan. We’ll see if these work better and . . .

. . . . . I bought a sweater’s quantity of worsted weight cotton yarn in a warm beige to make a summer pullover. I searched Ravelry and found a fun, quick, neck down beach sweater. In five hours, I am to the sleeve separation.  Yippeee!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  . . . . . I knit two rows of the Locke St also.

Until next time . . . . .

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Little Enabling

Watching the Shearing

Sheared Sheep

Spinning Demonstration

Rabbit Farm from Tom's Parent's Hometown, Swedesboro, NJ

Great Salesman

Weaving Demonstration

Sweater's Worth of Natural Alpaca

Jeweltone Sportsweight Alpaca

Natural Alpaca Fingering

Warm Alpaca Socks

A finished object!
Nerwin Baby Sweater Set
 Until next time . . . .

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carolina Fiber Festival

We went on an adventure yesterday. We packed snacks and a lunch into the car and headed four hours north to the Carolina Fiber Festival. Since my husband, Tom, is not a fiber fan, I knew he was going along just to spend time with me. What a sweetheart!

We arrived about 11 am. There were three medium size buildings and several tents outside with vendors and demonstrations. There were animal pens with several different types of sheep. No alpaca this time. 

We enjoyed the sheep herding by border collies and the sheep shearing. So much that I forgot to take pictures of it.

We left the fairgrounds and went back to the car to eat lunch.  Several people commented as they went to their cars that they wish they had thought of bringing a lunch. Since I have to eat gluten free and since we prefer to eat low carb, there was not much we could eat at the festival. It had been years since we had had a picnic. The weather, the food and company were all great. We decided that we should do this more often.

I’ll post pictures soon of our purchases and some of the sights. 

Until next time . . . . 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yellow Haze

When you look out your windows this time of year, everything is surrounded by a yellow haze. Living in the south, we have a lot of pine trees, especially Loblolly Pines. During March and April of each year, we get bombarded by pine pollen. It gets in your eyes and your nose and your mouth. On your clothes ... on your cars ... on everything!

Unfortunately, even our brains seem to be in a yellow haze. It becomes difficult to knit complicated patterns. It becomes hard to concentrate on anything. Or so it seems. Maybe the real problem is the yellow haze makes it hard to read a chart. Maybe it has warmed up enough that you don’t want to stay inside, but the air is too thick to go outside. A dilemma.

Until next time . . . .