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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carolina Fiber Festival

We went on an adventure yesterday. We packed snacks and a lunch into the car and headed four hours north to the Carolina Fiber Festival. Since my husband, Tom, is not a fiber fan, I knew he was going along just to spend time with me. What a sweetheart!

We arrived about 11 am. There were three medium size buildings and several tents outside with vendors and demonstrations. There were animal pens with several different types of sheep. No alpaca this time. 

We enjoyed the sheep herding by border collies and the sheep shearing. So much that I forgot to take pictures of it.

We left the fairgrounds and went back to the car to eat lunch.  Several people commented as they went to their cars that they wish they had thought of bringing a lunch. Since I have to eat gluten free and since we prefer to eat low carb, there was not much we could eat at the festival. It had been years since we had had a picnic. The weather, the food and company were all great. We decided that we should do this more often.

I’ll post pictures soon of our purchases and some of the sights. 

Until next time . . . . 

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