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Sunday, May 14, 2017


My submission for TKGA Master Hand Knitter Level 2 was sent to the reviewers on April 10th. It will take between 6 to 8 weeks to be reviewed and returned to me. After it is returned, any corrections and resubmissions will need to be done. 

The submission took six months to prepare. There were 21 swatches, 4 book reviews, a 5 page history of knitting report, and 8 pages of questions and answers, with many hours of research.  It is difficult to let the package leave your hands and go into the mail. It's like sending your baby away. It is pervasive in your life, consuming your thoughts and hands for months. You know you have it bad, when you wake up and you have dreamed about the submission!

Then the waiting begins. I chose to use my time waiting to finish the projects that mock me every time I open my project page. Projects that have been waiting ... patiently ... for me to finish them. 

The attack of finishitis began. 

First, was the sweater, Pull Me Over. It is knit in Pima cotton. There are many things that I like about this sweater: it is cotton, it was an interesting knit, it has a circular yoke, it is coral – a color I often wear during the spring and summer.

There are things that I don't like about the sweater: the yoke to body transition looks amateurish, decreases and increases are made in the garter stitch sections instead of the stockinette sections where they would be less noticeable, it is a very long sweater and it is hot.

It is finished, but I doubt if I will wear it. Time will tell.

Second,  was socks, Utah Socks. They are knitted out of a wool free self-patterning yarn and are finished. I like them.

Third, was the This and That Shawl, which I designed. It is a boomerang shaped shawl that is garter on one end and stripes of texture stitches on the other end. The shawl is finished and the pattern is written and available on Ravelry. I am pleased. 

Fourth, was the Eidolon shawl. It has gone into hibernation as I could not face the loose knitting of the third section.

Decks are cleared!

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