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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleeves and Secrets

I haven’t gotten any knitting done so far today as I seem to still be battling some kind of bug. Low grade fever and chills and a general feeling of yuk. :~(
I did get some knitting done yesterday. The first sleeve of the Red Summer Cardigan is finished and the second sleeve is a third finished.  I really love the sweater and it fits well.  Neck down design is definitely my favorite knitting construction for sweaters. So easy to make sure it fits before getting too far along in garment.  I can't wait to wear it!

I was hoping to have this finished before August 15th. This would get it finished in time to add it to The Knitgirllls 2011 Summer Stash Dash. I still have four more days. I will probably make it, but will FAIL on the Stash Dash. Even with the sweater, I will be about 1600 yards too short of the 5468 yards goal of a 5K.  Oh well, it has been a fun knitting summer so far!
Also, on the needles is a new sock design using Schoeler & Stahl’s Sockina Cotton. Shhhh! it’s a secret. The working title is City Squares. That may change once they are blocked. Here is a glimpse at the design so far.

Found a new book the other day at the local book store. Just had a chance to look at it today. It is titled “the GLUTEN-FREE ALMOND FLOUR cookbook" by Elana Amsterdam. Many of the recipes look and sound wonderful. 

I ordered the almond flour she suggests and will try to make a couple of the recipes this weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes. If we like them, that will work for both my gluten-free diet and my husband’s low carb diet. Woohoo!

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