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Friday, June 1, 2012


Sometimes change is good. As I look to this summer season that is fast approaching, I am hoping to make some changes. Tweaking hobbies, getting healthier, spending more time at home, cleaning and sprucing up our home.
The changes have begun!  After 27 years of faithful service (meaning they wouldn’t die, no matter what we did to them.), the refrigerator and wall oven have been replaced. Good riddens! Finally, a fridge that actually keeps food from spoiling and doesn’t freeze lettuce. What joy! We decided to get a stainless steel, french door bottom freeze model cabinet depth model. Didn’t want the only thing you saw when walking into the kitchen to be the refrigerator the size of an elephant. It made it through the doorways without having to take off the doors. YEAH!  I guess you shouldn't enjoy an appliance so much, but I am weak that way.
The new oven went in last night. Oh, more joy! The clock works. The door will lock for self-cleaning cycle. The elements heat the same in the front as in the back. The knobs stay on - What knobs? - all digital. ;~)  The light bulb can be changed.  We used the old oven until it had given it’s all. Goodbye good and faithful servant!
Pictures soon.

Until next time . . . . 

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