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Monday, March 10, 2014


There has been a little progress lately.  
Last week, I found a crochet hook and made a few granny squares for an organization in Milwaukee that will use them to yarn bomb the town in support of donating life. It has been years since I have crochet anything. Good thing Ravelry is around so I could find a pattern and review instructions. The colors were determined by the organization. I will be donating the squares to Vicki of DragonflySoars podcast.

I also took everything out of the yarn closet upstairs. I sorted and boxed the yarn by type. I have way too much yarn.  I especially have way too much cotton.  I need to put a dent in the stash. I found a lot of Sublime organic cotton. Twenty-two skeins!  Three shades of beige! What was I thinking?  I took out a set of needles and knitted a nice simple square wash cloth.  I liked the fabric so much that I plan to use this square as a gauge swatch to knit a summer sweater or two. 

I also knit a mitered square burgundy cotton dishcloth 

and a multidirectional variegated blue and white dishcloth. 

Now on the needles is another blue and white one  - Grandmother’s Favorite pattern.  

The dishcloths are like potato chips - can’t just eat make one!

Lent began on Wednesday. I got ashes on my forehead and decided that this year I would work on finishing a WIP that has been lingering. Lingering because I don’t want to knit it. I want the finished sweater - I just don’t enjoy the all over cabling of the pattern. Every row has to be knit following a chart. There are no rest rows. It will be a beautiful sweater when it is finished. I just hope it doesn’t suck out my soul in the process. The sleeves are finished. I have about 10 inches of the body finished. Another eleven to go! Then the button band with shawl collar. One saving grace is that it is in a beautiful forest green alpaca. The yarn is luscious. 

Sunday, I spent the afternoon carding some green dyed locks of alpaca that I was having trouble spinning from the locks.

I used my new hand cards and made a gallon ziplock bag full of rolags. 

They look nice and smooth and shiny. I have about 3 more ounces to card and then I will try again to spin it. 

So as I said - a little progress. Hope your projects are progressing too.

Until next time . . . . . . . . .

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