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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Feeling better after being on antibiotics for 10 days. Can finally breath without pain or coughing. 
Good thing I feel better as I am on staff for a women’s retreat this weekend. The retreat is supposed to be a respite in the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas.  While that sounds great, it’s not much of a respite for those preparing for the retreat. I will spend most of tomorrow finishing and printing the booklet to be used as a journal during the retreat. 
Once that is printed, folded and stapled, I can work on my presentations. Thankfully, I only have three and the other presenters are great. Everything will work well once we get started. It’s just hectic getting everything in place before everyone arrives. 
I am looking forward to Sunday. We plan to start decorating the house for Christmas. This year, I have no other commitments (after the retreat) except attending parties, baking, buying and wrapping presents and enjoying the season.
Since I am doing no Christmas knitting this year, I plan to work on my Encompassing Midnight Cowl and my Alpaca Icelandic Yoke Sweater.
I hope your preparations are going well.

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