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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short and Sweet

Not much on the blog recently. I am dealing with a kidney infection. (I have found another medicine that I am allergic to.) Not fun at all.  A lot of lying around and/or sleeping. Also drinking lots of water. Which, of course, send me to the bathroom. Then back to the couch. Antibiotics and AZO are my friends!
I got a little knitting done. Finished the Preppy Baby Blanket out of dishcloth cotton. I really like the way this turned out. This pattern of alternating stripes of ten ridges in garter stitch will probably be my go-to baby blanket for a while.

I am still working on my Seedless Slice Sock to put in our LYS as a shop sample for the Knit One Crochet Too Pediwick yarn. This is a nice yarn to use for spring or summer socks. I also like it because it is a soft nonwool made from bamboo and nylon. The new spring colors are yummy!
On the advise of Katie, of Knittin on the Fly podcast, I order the Encore 8-Hour Baby Blanket....Revisited booklet by Plymouth Yarn.  The 14 patterns look simple and quick. Might try one soon. Might find a new go-to baby blanket to help fill the gift drawer.
Until next time . . . .

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