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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I am beginning to love Saturdays again. Growing up, Saturdays were days of chores, chores, chores. After we got married, Saturdays were still designated as days of chores, because we worked outside the home during the week. When I became a SAHM with three little ones, five dozen cloth diapers and endless toys, Saturdays were still days of chores. Now the kids are out of the house with homes and kids of their own. Still Saturdays were chore days. Yuck!

In July, I drank the Kool-ade and joined Flylady’s group of followers. I have had a clean and shiny sink ever since. Not only a clean sink, but clean countertops. No dirty dishes. An empty dishwasher. No dirty clothes. (No more Mt. Washmore). Clean bathrooms. And the clutter that is 37 years of life is slowly (15 minutes at a time) leaving this house. Our house is finally becoming a place we want to be. 

Yes, there is still dust. Yes, there is still too much stuff. Yes, there is still my stash of yarn. But, most people don’t even notice when they come into the house. It looks fairly presentable. What an accomplishment!

The nicest part is when the 3 year old twins grandchildren come over, it only takes a few minutes after they leave to bring the house back to our new normal. Makes having them over even more enjoyable. This is good since they are here about 3 days a week while their dad is on night shift until the end of October.

Since most of the chores are done throughout the week, Saturdays are now for play!  As soon as I finish this blog post, I will return to my knitting. Life is good!

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