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Monday, October 1, 2012

Knitting Mojo

Knitting Mojo is a funny thing. There are days where you want to knit from sun up to sun down. Every stitch is a joy. There are days where you spend hours searching through Ravelry and your large collection of knitting books and magazines for the next great project. There are days where you dump out your stash of unfinished objects (UFOs) and work straight through them, finishing them in short order. There are days when you systematically work through an ebook of sock patterns or mitten patterns or dish cloth patterns until all in the ebook have been knitted. Knitting is good! 

And then there are days . . . . where you hide from your knitting even when you hear it calling.  You make up excuses....I need to wash my hair, ... or the dishes ...or the laundry or ... the car. I am busy making breakfast ...or lunch ...or dinner. I need to get this book read for book club. I have too many errands to do. It’s just too hot! or too humid! I am too tired. I hate that color green that I am knitting that sweater out of. I don’t like the way this yarn feels. Why does that pattern have soooo many cables?  Knitting mojo has left the building.

Then.....a new magazine comes or a podcaster mentions a new pattern or yarn and aaaaah! Knitting is good!

Why do we have this love-hate relationship with our craft?

Until next time . . . .

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