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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where Have All the Socks Gone?

My knitting has been odd this year. Well, my knitting has looked okay and things fit. What I mean is, I am not knitting the types of things that are usual for me. Take that to mean socks.

I have had a tough time this year knitting socks. Oh, the socks turned out beautifully and they fit. I just couldn’t seem to gather up much enthusiasm for knitting them this year. This is very surprising to me, since I made a goal in 2011 to knit a pair a month and actually knitted 16 pair. Yes! pair! Rarely, am I hit with second sock syndrome. This year, however, I have only knitted a few pair - La Vie de Bois socks by Heather Kinne of Fiberista Files podcast, 

a vanilla pair called Shades of Green, 

baby striped vanilla socks 

and a shop sample single sock (say that 4 times fast) for our local yarn shop to advertise a new yarn. 

What has happened? Where did my sock mojo go?

Maybe the problem has been so many podcasters calling this the year of the sweater. After all, I have knitted five sweaters this year -- 3 adult sweaters and 2 baby sweaters. I have two sleeves finished on my Aberdeen St. Cabled Cardigan. 

Maybe this is the year of the baby. After all, I have knitted the 2 baby sweaters, 2 baby blankets, a pair of baby socks and 5 baby hats.  

Maybe this is the year of weaving. After all, I got my new Cricket loom and have woven a casserole mat, 2 spa cloths, a plaid scarf and am 1/3 finished my MacFarlane Tartan Scarf. 

Maybe this is the year of the scarf. I have knitted 5 and have one on the needles that I am designing.

Maybe this is the year of the hat. Including those mentioned above, I have knit 9 hats this year. 

Just going through my Ravelry page and looking at all the projects shows that I have completed 32 projects this year and have 6 projects on the needles/heddles.  Obviously, a productive year. But where are the socks?!

Maybe the mojo for socks is sulking because I have been lured away to knit other things. What will it take to bring it out of its sulk. I wonder.....

Until next time......

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