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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preparing for the Holiday

Two hours of exercise today!  Boy, am I tired.  Didn’t go to the gym, didn’t walk or “Shred”. Two solid hours of moving furniture and boxes of books from the second guest room to the office so that our son and his family can come for Thanksgiving. 
We got a call yesterday asking could they stop by on their way to Georgia and spend the night and Thanksgiving Day.  Of course, they can!
And of course, when asked, I said, “sure, we have enough beds for everyone”. I just didn’t say that the beds were covered in yarn, books, clothes that don’t fit and stuff.  Three huge garbage bags went out the door and I took this opportunity to sort my stash by weight. I think it will be very hard to convince Tom that I neeeed to go to a yarn shop when we travel.
The other good part was that I found yarn that I had forgotten that I had purchased.  I am being struck with startitis something fierce. All I want to do is surf Ravelry for new projects.  Arrgh! 
I am forcing myself to continuing working on the colorwork yoke sweater (two sleeves and half the bottom ribbing are finished) and our daughter’s Encompass scarf (one and a half repeats are finished).

My knitting baby items, trying to get a stash put away, has paid off. The reason our son and his family are heading to Georgia is to visit his sister-in-law who had a two-month early preemie. I have the perfect little sweater all ready for the new arrival. Welcome, John Michael.

Now to rest up for tomorrow when I will be dusting, starting to cook for Thanksgiving dinner and counting my blessings.  
I hope your preparations are going well for the holiday.

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