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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thursday

Halloween was a non-event at our house. We put up the Halloween village on the piano in the living room and put out a few mums and a fall flag on the front porch. We had no trick or treaters.  The only ones that enjoyed the screaming witch door bell were the grandchildren and the UPS man.
The Mexican sage is finally blooming, but we have had frost a few mornings this week which will shorten its blooming season.  The blooms will be enjoyed for as long as they are here. It is a little sad to see it go. It marks the end of fall, which is my favorite time of year.
Knitting: Fingerless mitts are finished. I modified the pattern accidentally.  I was knitting the Susie’s Reading Mitts on Lorna’s Laces Honor in the Goblin colorway. Everything was going well, until I got interrupted while knitting the lace at the top of the mitt. When I came back I assumed I knew where I was and stopped doing the lace and began the turning pattern. This made the mitts too tight when the picot edge was turned. Frog! but just the sewn edge. I decided to leave the edge bound off but not to turned with a picot edge. I repeated the mistake on the other mitt. They are warm and fit well. Guess I need to call it a design feature instead of a mistake. ;~)
Working on an Encompass scarf in black alpaca. Fun to knit, but I need to be uninterrupted to keep up with the charts. I have two skeins of the yarn. I hope that will make the scarf wide enough. We’ll see.
Dinner tonight uses up leftover baked chicken leg quarters. I put red inca quinoa, onions, a bag of cole slaw mix and chicken stock with some herbs in the crockpot, stirred well and added the chicken on the top. It has been cooking for half the day. The house smells wonderful! Hard to wait for Tom to come home to see if it taste as good as it smells.
In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the scarf until dinner.

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