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WORKS IN PROGRESS:*Bridgewater Shawl *Eidelon *Blue Shortie Socks *Resonation Shawl

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Finished a baby yoke sweater and hat, and a project for the Dramatic Knits Podcast’s Favorite Musical Swap. Still working on the La Vie de Bois socks by Heather of Highland Handmades. I am close to turning the heel on the second sock. I am working on the heel flap of my first February red sock.   Have signed up for the Mystery Mitten project by LaLa of the Knitgirllls which requires learning new techniques. Not sure what I am thinking.
Retreat and Book Club
Need to get started preparing for the women’s retreat for Lent. There will be 40 women attending. The retreat is based on the women of the gospels and I am facilitating two of the sessions. Also, the ongoing book club has the current book finishing next Monday. I am facilitating the session. The new book starts the following Monday. I hope I can convince another member of the group to facilitate.
Spent many hours today trying to catch up with hubby to get his phone to him. He left it at home and needed it for work.  Also, trying to get paperwork together to send to our daughter so that she can start on her taxes. I also eat lunch each weekday with my Mom and every Wednesday with my Mom and sister. While spending time with them is  lovely, it takes a lot of time  that might be used to get other things done. Sometimes, being the dutiful wife, sister, mother and daughter is overwhelming.
State Activities
Need to get a letter sent out detailing a service project for an upcoming state convention. Also, have to firm up the guest speakers for the ladies luncheon. Bought items today to make centerpieces. The theme is clean of heart named after the center that allows homeless to take showers and get their clothes washed. Much to do in a short period of time.
In two weeks, we have a conference to go to which involves ladies’ luncheons and a formal dinner dance. I have a new dress, but need to pack and plan for the weekend.
Have finally unpacked from our trip to Arizona. The dirty clothes in the laundry room resemble Camelback Mountain, which we hiked while on our trip. Hope to get pictures up soon. Also, plan to print photos of our trip to put together a small album and to send to others who were on the trip with us.  A few more things on the long list to get done.
Two doctors appointments this morning. Yearly physical and allergy shots. Guess I am doing this for love of me since it’s Valentine’s Day. Mammogram is normal, exam normal and only a small reaction to the allergy shots.
So much to get done in a short period of time. Would love to go back to Arizona and sit by the  pool and knit. Ahh! Heaven!  Alas, not to be.

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