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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Arrived uneventfully in Denver for a weeklong conference. Traveled through Atlanta to get here. 
We got up at 4 am to give us time to get to the airport. We saw a couple of friends, Max and Natalie, at the airport and spent some time catching up with them.  The flight to Atlanta was short and I dozed a little. In Atlanta, we met up with friends who were on the same flight to the conference. Since I hadn’t slept well the night before, I got a little sleep on the plane. Then took the opportunity to read a little. The plane was rather cramped, so I decided against knitting.  
Katie Mullen's
We arrived around 10:30 am Denver time. We went to lunch at a wonderful Irish Pub .... Katie Mullen's. The pub had a library in it! Great atmosphere. 
Since we have to host a hospitality room on Tuesday, we took a cab to the Safeway and bought supplies.
Colorado State Capitol Building
Dinner was at the Yard House. Over 200 beers to sample. Since only one was gluten free I didn’t have any. The hits were the raspberry and blueberry beers.  I did, however, have the caramel ice cream.  Mmmmmm!

View of Denver from our Window

Park after Dark

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