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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plenty of Nothing

No knitting, No tea drinking, No time to enjoy nature, No packing!
Daughter’s family and Son’s family are both at the beach. Different beaches but still the beach.  Elder Son’s family just back from the beach. I have been running errands all day trying to get everything I need for our upcoming trip to Denver.
Trying to decide which knitting to take, which clothes to take, and what reading material for the plane. Obviously, the knitting has the highest priority.
We are going to a conference, so there will be limited time for knitting. However, there will be lots of plane time for knitting. ;~) Maybe the Red Summer Cardigan will be finished..... Maybe the Marble Bags will be designed and knitted.... Maybe a new pair of socks.... You never know. 
Since I will be in Denver, I will not be at Sock Summit. Boo!  I am hoping to find time to visit a few yarn shops while I am there. We will see.
I have to find a grocery store and beverage store as soon as we arrive because my husband and I are responsible for the state delegation hospitality suite. Woohoo!  I will be a busy girl. 

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