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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fruit and Buttons

The weather has been trying lately, both to humans and to nature.  It has been above 100 degrees F for weeks with little cooling at night and very little rain until this past Tuesday when we received so much at one time. (See Tuesday’s blog) People have been staying indoors and  the plants in the garden look like a blow torch has been fired upon them.  

Today, I noticed that the rain had knocked most of the wild blueberries off the bushes and that the leaves on the sassafras trees have started turning colors. 

Fallen Blueberries

Sassafras Leaves Turning Early
The leaves would normally be green for another month or so. On a good note, the wild muscadine grapes are getting ripe.
I hope there are still some on the vines when we get home from Denver.  
Wild Muscadines on the Vine

 The Red Sweater is coming along nicely. Both button bands are finished and the six buttons have been sewn on.  One sleeve is half finished.  It is starting to look like a sweater now.  Since buying the yarn for this sweater, I decided to make the sleeves long, made a larger size and made the sweater 2 inches longer. Even with all these changes, it looks like I have enough yarn to finish both sleeves the length as I had planned.  The joy of buying an extra skein of yarn. Woohoo!  
Red Summer Sweater with Happy Crabs Piddleloop Bag
Now to pack clothes and knitting for our trip.  I hope I will finish the sweater on the plane. I will then work on socks and marble/soap bags until I get home.......unless......I find a yarn shop near our hotel that might tempt me to start something else.  :~)

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