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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bright Green Shawl

Last week I finished my Samba Simple Shawl using Katia Samba yarn in colorway 8660 which is a bright green multi-colored cotton yarn. 
As mentioned in a previous blog, I prefer autumn colors. However, this yarn was on sale at my LYS when the monthly sale was “green yarns.”  I bought 8 skeins of the yarn and took it home planning to make a summer short sleeved Tee. The yarn sat on the kitchen table for weeks and would taunt me every time I walked by. The weather turned hot and I looked at the yarn but still couldn’t bring myself to knit it into the Tee.  There was just something wrong with the yarn.  Well, probably not .... just something not right for me about the yarn. Should I return it to the LYS? That seemed wrong too. I mean, what had the yarn done that was so bad that I would send it back to the store? Should I just toss it into the closet of stash? I think I would have heard the taunts through the closed door.
Finally there came a day this summer when the taunting was too much.  I grabbed a skein of the cotton and pulled out my copy of LaLa’s Simple Shawl pattern. This yarn was going down! 
So for the next 11 days, I knit skein after skein after skein of this bright green yarn. The shawl was easy and quick to knit up using LaLa’s pattern. But I wasn’t liking the color any better. It is just too bright a springtime green and I am concerned that since it matches nothing that I own (and I own a lot of green clothes!) that I will not use it or enjoy wearing it. 
People were no help either! I got compliments everyday on the shawl and its size. (It finished out at 84 inches by 42 inches. It will never be confused with a scarf!)  Some said “what beautiful colors! " Others said, “You wear a lot of green, it will go with everything you wear.”  NOT
I knew it was not for me.  But I had spent so much time knitting it and so much money buying the yarn. What to do?  Then someone said “Why don’t you overdye it with tea?”

Left overdyed, Right orginal

Overdyed yarn drying

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