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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Clean Up and Fix Up

After weeks and months of sweltering heat, the weather has finally changed to the 60s at night and the upper 80s during the day. Wonderful weather for getting the yard cleaned up.  
Tom raked up the pinestraw and cut the grass this morning. 

I cleaned the dead zinnias out of the raised beds and added more garden soil.

 Then it was time to plant the fall vegetables. Beets, carrots, peas, sugar snaps, broccoli, red and green cabbage and lettuce were planted. Even though, Tom thinks that vegetables are what you feed real food, I love them.  I also planted some snapdragons. This is our first attempt at a fall garden. We’ll see how it does. 

While clearing some random weeds out of some of the flower beds close to the house, I noticed that the gutters were filled with pinestraw. We got out the ladder and I climbed to the roof and cleared the gutters. Tom stayed on the ground. He doesn’t do heights and since I am on the Habitat roofing crew, I got the job. 
The roof over the garage was pretty clean with only a little debris in the gutters. The roof over the sunroom was another story. I removed almost a bale of pinestraw off the roof and out of the gutters. 
I did feel a little like a fiddler on the roof, but alas no fiddle!

I did notice an exposed nail while on the roof, so it was quickly nailed in and covered with silicone caulk. Should be good for another season. 

I noticed that the siding needs to be cleaned, but since our power washer died a slow death last year, it will have to wait until a new one is purchased. 
The yard looks pretty good considering neither of us are gardeners or have much interest in landscaping. 
Maybe now I can find some time for a little knitting. 

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