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Friday, September 9, 2011

It's A Shawl!!!

Finally, after many hours and 882 yards of fingering cotton yarn, Samba, IT’S A SHAWL!!!!!! 
This project has been to the doctor’s, the Maryland and Virginia and South Carolina shores, the Smoky mountains, the dentist’s, my mother’s, book club, restaurants and even my sunroom. It was a well travelled garment before it was even finished. 
The shawl blocked out at 84 inches by 42 inches.  No one will mistake this for a scarf! I plan to wear it to the TKGA Knit and Crochet Show in Greensboro, NC in a few weeks. 
Too bad this was finished too late to count for the KnitGirllls’ Stash Dash 2011 or for Dramatic Knits’ Summer Stash Down 2011.  I did complete each of those this summer by knitting 5547 yards to make the Stash Dash goal of at least 5468 yards and and knitting 38 skeins for the Summer Stash Down. I won a gift certificate from Keegan Lane Yarns from Dramatic Knits.  Thanks, Steve. All in all, a very productive summer and the stash is a little smaller.  Next year, I will have to think long and hard about participating. Both were loads of fun at the beginning, but toward the end the pressure to overachieve was exhausting! 
Now that fall is here,  I intend to concentrate on lots and lots of little things . . . . socks, hats, baby sweaters, gloves, etc.  Also, my promise to myself is . . . . no Christmas knitting this year. The time constraint takes the fun out of the knitting. And why knit if it is not fun?

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