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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Time

There are only 24 hours in a day and it always seems that other people want most of them. The sermon Sunday mentioned “Making Time not Finding Time”. You never seem to find time, so we have to make time to do the things we ought to do or want to do. I think we forget this as we move through our day and week doing things that other want us to do.
What I want to do is knit. Fall is here and the weather is beginning to get a little cooler. I want to knit! However, it seems that no one else wants this. I haven’t managed to even touch my knitting in two days. Ugh!
So, this afternoon, I decided to make time. I am afraid if I don’t that I will be even harder to live with.  I took some time to take pictures of items that have been blocking for days to put up on this blog.
Isn't blocking what you are suppose to use a pool table for?

Another baby set awaiting a baby

Berry Bramble Shawl

Fabulous blocking wires from In-spin-knit-y

Try them you'll like them!

I will also take the time to write the blog and post it. Then I plan to make time this evening to work on the Log Cabin baby blanket that is currently on the needles. 
My new goal is to Make Time for me so that I am a little saner.  There is little hope for sane. Too late for that!

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  1. I remember that sermon and the admonition to "make time", it went in my Matthew Kelly notebook. I suppose Father was encouraging us to make time for prayer; but I think we can be more at peace when we make time for the things we enjoy. Plus, we can pray while knitting. can't we? I think I'll go do just that thing right now. Thanks :)