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Friday, January 6, 2012

12th Day of Christmas - Epiphany

Happy 12th Day of Christmas -- the traditional celebration of Epiphany. The day the wise men arrived to give gifts to the Christ Child. Throughout the world, this day is also the day that Christmas presents are exchanged. It is the day that our wise men arrive at the nativity scene in our home. They have been wandering all over the house for a month.

Christmas has been good this year. I received the trip to NYC and Pennsylvania, a new cookbook, an Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant and a knit kit and yarn from Indigodragonfly.
The knit kit includes a stitch counter, tape measure, thread cutter, scissors, stitch markers, crochet hook, darning needle and point protectors all in a small case.
The yarn from Indigodragonfly is the December shipment of her Nut-Free Sock Yarn Club. Nut-Free because she works with your allergies and dyes beautiful yarn that doesn’t trigger allergic reactions.  This allows knitters with allergies to knit with her great colors. Kim does have the most unique names for her yarn colorways. 
December Yarn Club Shipment including pattern, yarn and cute Splityarn notion bag  

Young Helpless Damsels in Damp Climates Colorway. Yummy!
Back to knitting!

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