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Friday, January 20, 2012


Good morning!  At least it is morning when I am typing this.  
The last few weeks have been trying. Lots of traveling around the state with hubby’s volunteer job. He is the equivalent to the state president of the organization. 
In between traveling I have been undergoing allergy testing as I have a new allergist (Old one retired. How dare he?!), and it has been 6 years since I have had them. Because I reacted very strongly last time by having a major asthma attack, the new doctor divided the test. This meant that I had 1/3 of the test each week for 3 weeks. Yuck!  I reacted to the same old stuff. Allergy shots will still continue. 
I also had a flu shot and a TB test. Then on the way to the last appointment, I had a back tire blow out. No injures to me or the car, but the tire had to be replaced which involved a tow truck across state lines as I wasn’t near the tire repair center and the lug nuts had to be cut off.
Yesterday was much better.  Very uneventful. Except for the fact that the La Vie de Bois sock I am working on got the foot finished and the heel turned.  I have started the leg and have about an inch of the lace pattern finished. Looking at the beautiful sock emerge on my needles makes me want to hug Heather (boutrosbabe on Ravelry) for designing such a great pattern.  (If you haven't joined Ravelry yet, you need to!)

I am hoping to finish this sock this weekend. Hubby, Tom is out of town traveling to DC. I might have a chance.
Since I rarely ever have second sock syndrome, I plan to cast on the second sock as soon as the bind off is finished.
I also plan to start a pair of plain vanilla socks (that is - mindless) to have as car and wait knitting. The La Vie de Bois socks have a different chart for the front and back of the sock, so it is easier to knit when I am uninterrupted. 
For my vanilla socks, I am thinking red yarn on size US 2 (2.75 mm) needles. Maybe I will add a heart to the leg below the cuff and call them my valentine socks.  Then I could join one of the podcast KAL.
Still working on the grandsons’ scarves. They are about 2/3 done!  Mindless knitting, but  they are getting rather large to schlep around!
I am heading for my comfy chair with a cup of tea to pick up my needles and knit, knit, knit.
Hope you have a great Friday!


  1. Having a tire blow up can be scary stuff. I'm glad you are okay! Your La Vie de Bois sock is so beautiful!! I wish I could follow lace without screwing it up! lol

  2. It was scary. Don't want it to ever happen again. Thanks for the nice comments on my sock. With lace I have to work on them when no one is around to talk to me. Not necessarily quick knitting, but the result is wonderful.