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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Don’t think I ever mentioned that when Dramaticknits, Steve, had a contest to destash, I won a prize by knitting up 38 skeins of my stash over the summer.  My prize was a gift certificate from Keegan Lane Yarns for their Toasty Sock Yarn. Unfortunately, it was a wool yarn and I am very allergic to wool. 
I contacted Melissa from Keegan Lane Yarns. BTW, she and her honey have a great videocast.  Melissa agreed that since none of their yarns are wool free that she would make me a Christmas ornament instead. I received it before Christmas and it held a place of honor on our tree. The ornament contains a mini skein of yarn with the note: In case of emergency, break glass. She used her specially dyed yarn in green, white and red. I love it! I just forgot to show pictures of it. Here they are.

I would recommend her company as she was so generous to offer the prize and then she worked with me to find a prize that I could use. What service!
Keep knitting. 

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