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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knitting Suffered

Knitting has suffered this week.
Bathroom Redecoration
I worked on steaming the wallpaper border off the upstairs bathroom.  It took longer for the steamer to heat up than it took to remove the wallpaper. Go figure!  The paint has been bought and all the holes in the walls have been repaired. I won’t get a chance to paint until next week as I have two conferences to juggle this weekend. All the hooks, handles, drawer pulls and towel racks are being replace with shiny new chrome ones. The light fixture will also be replaced as soon as I find one I like.  Should only be a few more days of work. Luckily, this is the guest bathroom, so no one is inconvenienced.
Meeting & Conference Preparation
Hours, this week, have been spent preparing for two conferences, a book club meeting, a women’s retreat planning meeting and an investment club meeting. Silly me! Facilitating the book club and one of the conferences and being the investment club treasurer. Why don’t I learn to say no?! One of the conferences is a board of directors conference for Habitat for Humanity. I just go and listen and learn. Yeah!   The other conference involves women from around the state meeting for food, fun, two service projects (one putting together packets for a prison; the other assembling newborn layettes for a local pregnancy center), a tour of the pregnancy center followed by more food, and ending with a ball (dinner and dancing.) Yes, more food!
Knitting Progress
Not much.
Scarves - I only have 66 rows left on each of the two color scarves that I am making for two of our grandsons. The boys chose their colors. Logan’s is brown and beige; Holden’s is blue and gray.  Now, our other grandson, Thomas, wants one in green and black.  Maybe next month.
La Vie de Bois Socks - I have finished the heel and have knitted a pattern repeat and half of a second one. One more to go and then the cuff and the first sock will be done. The pattern is well written and the design is beautiful. I just can’t seem to get into a rhythm knitting the lace. I have to keep the chart close at hand and constantly check it. My goal is to finish the sock this next week.
Red Socks - I cast on the toe of a red sock. Just a red sock. Plain sock. I needed something small to carry in my purse for the occasions when I am waiting. The projected needed to be simple. So, a sock. If I feel adventurous when I get to heel flap, I am going to add a white heart in intarsia. We’ll see.
I would like to finish the scarves so that I can cast on a baby sweater or cap. At some point, I plan to swatch for a green alpaca cardigan.  The yarn arrived two weeks ago and is still in the package. I am looking at a Kathy Zimmerman pattern. Don’t know if I am ready for all the cables yet.
Three grandkids have birthdays this week. They are growing up so fast! Not babies anymore. Husband, Tom, spent 4 days in Washington, DC but is now home. Since I don’t sleep well when he is traveling, we are both exhausted. Don’t see much time in the near future to catch up on sleep.
However, it is 11 pm now so I am going to give it a real try. Goodnight!

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